5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

#2 – Sleeping With You

Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild, wolves and other canids sleep huddled together with their fellow pack members. They do it to take advantage of their buddy’s body heat, and it also helps them feel safe.

There’s strength in numbers, and the time when they’re asleep is when a dog, wolf, and even human is at their most vulnerable. Even if the rest of their pack is also asleep, having a family willing to wake up and stand by their side in an emergency is something to value.

Your domesticated dog is a long way from sleeping in a den with 10 of their closest canines, but their wolf-life instincts are still there. If given the choice, many dogs will sleep close to their owners every night.

They burrow under the blankets and take up way more room than seems physically possible, and love it or hate it, they can’t fall asleep without you. Part of this preferred sleeping arrangement might have something to do with the warmth and comfort of your bed, but it’s mostly because your dog loves you. It’s their natural way of showing you they feel completely safe and comfortable by your side. You’re part of their pack, and that’s an honor they don’t bestow on just anyone.

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