5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

#3 – Jumping on You

While typically considered an undesirable behavior, jumping on a person is one way a dog shows their affection. When you drag yourself through the front door after a long day at work, your four-legged best friend is always there to greet you.

When your arms are overloaded with grocery bags, they won’t hesitate to rejoice in your return by jumping up to your level. It’ll most likely result in you barely holding on to your bag of eggs and milk, but all your dog cares about is showing you how much he missed you.

Jumping up on people poses obvious problems—especially if you have a big dog—and it’s usually a good idea to teach them an alternative method of greeting people that come through the door.

You can use positive reinforcement to show them that you’ll get their love message even if they keep all four paws on the ground. But in case they let their excitement take control, remember they’re not trying to be disobedient, they’re just showing you they love you.

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