With health awareness rising among people today, it is common to find certain foods with plant or fruit additions to make it healthier.Healthy foods recipes have made great improvements as many people increasingly consume them.The green smoothie is one such drink which has numerous health benefits. You can buy your green smoothie cup in a shop but making your own is way much better.You will be able to control the amount of sugar and reduce the taste of green if you feel like its too much.So how exactly do you make the smoothie?


green smoothie

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To make a green smoothie you will first require the ingredients.They include; Spinach or kale(tough kale stalks should be discarded when used)2oranges(remove the seeds)1 Lemon(remove seeds)1 cup of cold water and 4-5 ice cubes.Those are the basic main ingredients but you could also add a 2-3cm knob of fresh Tumeric and ginger for added taste.You then put everything in the blender and let it run until you obtain a smooth liquid with no stringy green threads.You then serve it in a glass and take it.It’s that simple and it takes like only 5 minutes to create a vitamin packed drink that’s enough for an entire day.There are many advantages of taking that cup of green smoothie as seen below.


Green Smoothie

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Homemade green smoothies are cheap- Buying different fruits at a grocery will cost you some few cents.This is compared to the dollars you’ll have to part away with in a juice bar.The 1 dollar you spend may not seem much but if you are on a serious course of keeping healthy then making your own smoothie would save you cash.
Green smoothies are easy to make-Once you have the needed ingredients, it’s just a matter of filling it all up in a blender.It is a fast and easy way of keeping your health in check.

It makes it easier to consume your veggies- It is hard to have broccoli for dinner continuously for an entire week. A green smoothie can, however, be taken every day and still has the same health benefits as that broccoli plate.
Green smoothies are even much healthier than fruit juices- Fruit juices tend to be so refined such that they lack fruit fibers which greatly assist in digestion.The smoothie, on the other hand, is purely natural with all the extracts kept intact.

If you have kids, smoothies can be a great way to get them to ‘eat’ their vegetables- The juice illusion that a green smoothie creates will ensure they have sufficient amounts of vitamins in their system.You will, however, have to increase the fruit ratio to green leaf and then slowly decrease it as they get used to the flavor.

Green smoothies will provide you with energy for the day- Energies from fruits when eaten alone tend to be quickly depleted as the sugars are quickly metabolised.When combined with veggies however they provide a lasting source of energy as the sugars are slowly utilised.Easy to digest- The blending of the smoothie ingredients simplifies the digestion process as the body now has a basic function of only absorbing.


A green smoothie is a sure simple way of keeping healthy.Present os fruits and vegetables will ensure you have sufficient quantities of vitamin C and K.Try it today to unlock its many benefits.


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