Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad

Have you ever had a food epiphanies? The first bite that blew your mind and realising healthy food can taste yummy. It is a common misconception that healthy food doesn’t taste good. It is necessary to know the flavours and the best combination to achieve the taste. I had a sandwich at our local restaurant, Avocado chicken salad. I had to recreate the Avocado chicken salad sandwich As much as eating clean and healthy is good for your body, on the other hand, eating tasty food is good for you soul.


When you’re trying to watch your waistline and try not to munch between meals, try this recipe. Trust me, you will feel full all day. It has the goodness of both lean protein and good fat. Chicken is the best protein that you can include in your diet when you’re trying to lose some weight. Chicken is low in calories and fat. But be careful while buying chicken, nowadays antibiotics are pumped into the chicken. Choose organic and cage free range chicken, you don’t want to add any more harmful chemicals to your body when you’re trying to shed some weight.


The recipe itself require fewer ingredients. It is like magic, few ingredients work together and result in a yummy sandwich. You can always add or remove few ingredients as per your taste.



Ingredients required to put together this power sandwich are,

· 2 cups, shredded chicken

· 1 ripe, avocado

· 1/2 tsp, garlic powder

· 2 tsp, lime juice

· 1 tsp, chopped cilantro

· ¼ cup mayo

· ¼ cup, plain Greek yogurt

· Salt and pepper for seasoning

Sandwich filling,

· In a large bowl or in an airtight container, mix all the ingredients together. Taste the filling, add salt and pepper as required.

· Cover and let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Let the flavors blend together.

· You can serve in the bread of your choice or just scoop it with pita chips (a healthy dip).


Using mayo and Greek yogurt is completely optional. I added mayo and Greek yogurt for some extra creaminess. A fully ripe avocado will add creaminess to your sandwich. Adding avocado to your meal, makes you feel satisfied and full until the next meal. It is said that having avocado has aided in losing weight.



Avocado chicken salad sandwich is totally customizable, but customising for a whole bunch could be tricky. Each one likes the different taste. Laying out a make your own sandwich’ would be easier to please the crowd. Instead of putting all the ingredients together, spread the ingredients individually. Season the chicken with garlic powder, salt, pepper and grill it until it got some colour. Slice the chicken and avocado into bite size pieces and plate it separately. Leave some lemon slices out as well. This gives the option for your family and friends to add their own dressing or spread for the sandwich. Best think about this sandwich is, you can make this from leftovers. There is nothing like you ate too much last night but might have enjoyed having too much of tasty food. You have some Thanksgiving turkey leftover but don’t want to eat a full meal. Make this simple and refreshing sandwich. Turkey is also a good source of protein that is categorized under the lean meat. Shred the turkey, mix it with some avocado and dressings of your choice.


Do you love entertaining your friends, making a big meal or having a BBQ party? You can add some fresh taste and clean taste to your party. We all have that one friend that is too health conscious but loves to party. Make her/him this sandwich, am sure that they will be delighted. Give them the option of lean meat and avocado which they will enjoy. Like I had an epiphany, my friends too were in awe after their first bite. More than huddling near a grill for BBQ, my friend loved my effortless Avocado chicken sandwich. It is so easy, literally, takes 5 minutes to make this yummy goodness.

Avocado chicken salad sandwich is the answer for creamy sandwich packed with protein. Understand the flavors and learn what goes in your meal before eating it. Now you know chicken and avocado goes well together. Make your own version of healthy Avocado chicken salad sandwich. It will soon become your family and friends go to sandwich.