[WARNING]: This Metabolism Death Foods You Need To Avoid

Nothing is more frustrating that deciding to turn your life around by exercising and eating healthy, only to see no changes. One of the biggest misconceptions people make is that they believe that by just eating this or that, that their body will automatically become the one they have always dreamt. Or that by merely exercising, that allows you to eat anything you want. Both of these are untrue, however, and can contribute to you gaining weight in the long run.


If you are looking to change your diet either for aesthetic reasons or health reasons or both, you must first be commended on deciding to change your lifestyle. It is not an easy choice and can be a bumpy road. However, nothing is more rewarding than living a healthy lifestyle with confidence. The problem is, many people jump headstart into eating healthier or exercising more without first understanding or learning about what it has we put in our bodies, and what we shouldn’t be putting in our bodies. Education is your friend, and researching what foods are going to help you is the first part of the battle. It is easy to consume a plethora of foods that you believe to be healthy for you, only to discover that they aren’t. Unfortunately, those foods which we believe to be good for us can contain hidden ingredients detrimental to out health and weight loss. Have you ever eaten what you considered to be healthy food, only to remain at the same weight? Perhaps you have lost weight initially, but know seem to be stuck at the same weight? It may be that you are consuming what is considered Metabolism death foods.


Metabolism Death Foods

death foods

Yes, the name sounds horrifying, severe and toxic. That is because these foods are! Consume these foods, and your body doesn’t know what to do with all these toxic chemicals! Feeling unwell, and getting sicker easier are a few symptoms of what happens when you consume this type of food. Not only do consuming these death foods compromise your immune system but the cause an imbalance in otherwise healthy blood sugar. They can also cause inflammation and unnecessary stress.


Other symptoms of metabolism death food consumption are:


Excessive weight gain

Thyroid issues

Lethargy, malaise or weakness in muscles and joints

Digestive imbalance

Blood sugar increase or decrease

Increase in sugar consumption, excessive appetite, and eating habits


The most mystifying thing is that most of these foods you will find food in your grocery store and are touted as “healthy.” Remember that labels on the front os foods that brag that they have X amount of Vitamins, or another branding that might appear to be safe to purchase are actually “commercials.” Products need to sell, so it is easy to get tricked by labels. One thing that is foolproof? Turing over what you are purchasing and reading the list of ingredients. All the labeling on the front packing in the world cannot disguise the list on the back, and that is what needs to be read.


Let’s take a look at a few metabolism death foods that should be removed from your diet as soon as possible. Yes, it is important to cut these items out of your diet if you wish to burn that fat, increase your metabolism, but more importantly, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your body will thank you!


Fruit Juices


Fruit Juices are the number one culprit regarding pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. It is virtually impossible to not stroll down you aisle at your local grocery and not be bombarded with labels screaming out at you “Natural Fruit Juices!” “Great Source of Calcium” “Organic” “100% Vitamin C” “No Added Sugar!”. The list is endless. The truth is, it makes no difference. Most fruit juices are toxic, regardless of what the label on the front is touting. Fruit juices are a haven for hidden sugars, and these sugars wreck havoc not only on your waistline and metabolism but on your entire body in general. Fruit juice causes tiredness, inflammation, and increase consumption for more, which isn’t surprising as sugar is essentially a drug that people are addicted too. And that great source of Vitamins and calcium juices are promising you? Well, the majority of fruit juices are chock full of so much sugar, that they strip away any benefits that the vitamins might offer. Also, the vitamins are in such small amounts, that they might as well not even be there. What do you get a lot of? High Calories!


Drinking fruit juices is equivalent to drinking water with sugar poured into it. If you are tempted to drink fruit juices because they are a healthier alternative, I am afraid you are in for a bad surprise- Soda contains 28 grams of sugar.  One glass of fruit juices contain a whopping 30 grams of sugar! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Premixed alcoholic mixtures, powdered mixtures, coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, bottled coffee energy drinks,r flavored dairy products,  such as yogurt, flavored cereal, ketchup, granola snack bars- these are all processed foods and are overflowing with added additives and sugars.


Companies do not make it easy for you. How great would it be to turn over a box, and see the word SUGAR written in bold letters? Not going to happen. Sugar goes many several aliases, including corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, juice concentrate, maltodextrin, raw and brown sugar.  Read those labels. If a word is too complicated to pronounce, it is probably too complicated for your body to handle. The shorter and simpler, the better.


Some great alternatives are making at home fruit juices with water and your favored fruits.  Kombucha is another, as well as drinking herbal teas and drinking coconut water.


Various Grains

Various Grains

This is a tricky one, as unrefined grains are an important source of protein and fiber. The trick is to watch out for refined grains. Pasta, cereals, bread, muffins, flours, chips, granola bars and crackers all are some of the biggest culprits in obesity. Many of these products have added sugars and sodium. Don’t be fooled by whole grains. These too can do some not only your waistline but your heart as well, as-is too much of these can be responsible for causing cardiovascular issues


If you consume too many refined grains, your metabolism will slow down, and it is difficult for the body to break down starch and gluten. Refined grains also have a lot of synthetic preservatives and are synthetic vitamins and minerals that are very difficult for the body to break down.


A better alternative, especially if you are looking to lose weight, is by replacing for fat loss refined grains with fruits and vegetables. There are certain grains though that are beneficial in moderation. Known as “ancient grains,” these include bulgar, farro, rolled oats, buckwheat quinoa and millet. These are highly beneficial as these can suppress appetite, provide substantial amounts of fiber, lower blood pressure and maintain proper cholesterol levels.


Processed Oils

Processed Oils

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Canola oil, safflower,  sunflower oil and other vegetables for a long time have been viewed as a healthier alternative to saturated fats such as coconut oil. Unfortunately, cutting out saturated fats may be detrimental in the long run.


Organic canola oil has not shown itself to be a negative addition to a person’s diet; there are even a few cardiovascular health benefits. However, you can also benefit from ingesting an array of other healthy fats. Dairy products that are raw and unrefined are great alternatives, as is grass-fed butter, which speeds up your metabolism and can trim that waistline. Coconut oil also can contribute to weight loss as it also speeds up the metabolism.


As a healthy alternative, one might want to monitor their intake. Great alternatives include unrefined coconut or olive oils. If canola oil is the only option, then it is best to purchase brands that are organic or cold pressed.


Potato Chips and Crackers

Potato Chips and Crackers

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Pretzels, potatoes chips, and crackers contain numerous amounts of vegetable oils, which are high in omega six fats. The majority of what is contained in these is starch, carbs, and sodium. And a bunch of empty calories. These are highly processed death metabolism foods, many of which contain trans fat and hydrogenated oils. Although it is becoming more and more common to see organic chips, and packaged nuts and seeds, it is important to remember that most fill of synthetic additives, GMO’s and a chock full of high calories. Not of these should ever be regarded as healthy foods, and they will do nothing but cause misery on your body, your waistline, and your metabolism.


There is no exact alternative. The only way to rid yourself of these toxins is to remove them completely from your diet. Almond butter is a good replacement for peanut butter, and rather than grab a bag of chips grab a celery with a bit of almond butter on it instead. Another option is you are craving something on the sweeter side to make a smoothie or a natural homemade fresh fruit cup.




This is undoubtedly surprising to may. Enter into any health food store, and you will find granola being touted as the healthiest thing to eat. The reason that this makes the death metabolism list is that contains so many sugars, calories, and processed ingredients.  A lot of granola also contains honey, which is one of the most significant causes of weight gain.


Granolas is quite easy to make at home, and you can make an abundant batch of it. Place in water almonds, pecans, cashews and chia seeds in water for half a day, then place them out to dry.  Mix these nuts with local raw honey, cinnamon and sea salt, and voila! You have not only a tasty and delicious snack in front of you but one that won’t set your metabolism out of whack!


Artificial Sweeteners


Two words.  Aspartame and Sucralose. These are the two worst artificial sweeteners and wreck nothing awfulness when consumed. It’s the oldest story in the book. You see commercials, ads; the stores tout them. Companies want us to believe we can have it all. That we can consume sweet foods without having to pay the price. Wrong!  What artificial sweeteners do is trick us by promising so calories and a trim figure. The truth is,  aspartame is toxic to our body, is responsible for causing numerous health issues, and is one of the worst things we can put in our bodies.


Sucralose goes by the more commonly used name “Splenda.” What it is doing is increasing your appetites and craving for chemicals toxic to your body. All these two sweeteners do in fact, is the opposite of what they claim to do. They stimulate your body to eat more, take in more. Not only does this cause you to gain more weight and work against your metabolism, but it also is toxic, as they are not the healthy ingredient in these sweeteners and your body does not reap any benefits whatsoever by consuming them.


Stevia, derived from the stevia plant is a much better alternative; however, it must be organic extract, not combined with any other ingredients. Local, raw honey is also an option or those who have a sweet tooth.


It may seem like an uphill battle, but if you truly are seeking a healthier lifestyle and a trimmer waist, but cutting down on the above mention foods, you will see a noticeable difference. It is difficult, but little by little, combined with proper exercise, you will be on your way to a healthier you. It is also important to remember your body does not need these ingredients, and if it feels like you are going through withdrawal, it is because you are. Sugar is an addictive, and drug that only works against you. But little by little, with vigilance and exercise, you can achieve the body, and more importantly, health you have always dreamed.